HP iPAQ 914c and iPAQ 614c Emerge (Update)

HP iPAQ 914c and iPAQ 614c Emerge (Update) Here’s the HP iPAQ 914c (left) and the HP iPAQ 614c (right). Both of these devices come with built-in GPS (sat-nav), 3 megapixel cameras, 3G, WiFi and run Windows Mobile 6 Professional.

The iPAQ 914c has a QWERTY keyboard whilst the 614c has a numeric keyboard and a tactile wheel navigation system. They bear more than a passing resemblance to handsets bearing the name of “Okwap”, specifically the K871 and K868 respectively. You may also notice how the 614c looks suspiciously like the Asus P750 we spotted some time back.

Link – smartphonefrance.info
Update – The iPaq 614c can be seen in the flesh below, courtesy of mobile.se, plus they have “official” shots of the 914c too.

HP iPAQ 914c and iPAQ 614c Emerge (Update)
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