VoxTone – Get your personalised ringtone recorded

VoxTone   Get your personalised ringtone recorded Amongst this mornings’ press releases is the launch of VoxTone. To be honest we gets stacks of emails about new ringtone services and this one stood out due to the rather interesting idea behind it.

The site basically lets you record your own individual MP3 / WAV file with the help of a “professional voiceover person”. You can then add some tones to the beginning and end of the file to make it even more special. You can have a listen to how they sound before you buy. First browse to their site and choose a VoxTone type you’d like – it can be a mobile ringtone, message alert or a custom Windows system sound. Next you choose how to pay – delivery direct to your phone is £4.50 or via email it’s £2.50. Next you type out what you’d like the voiceover lady to say, such as “Mark, your phone is ringing”, etc. After 48 hours you’ll get the finished item, and you can pay via card or PayPal.

I’m hoping that they’ll be adding a few more “pre-alerts” (the tones that are played before your requested sentence) soon, as there’s only a few to choose from, however it’s a cool (although slightly expensive) way to get a ringtone or message alert that no-one else will have. Oh, and before you guys ask, no – they won’t allow profanity in your requests!

Links – VoxTone (UK)VoxTone (USA)