Easy push email courtesy of HTC

Easy push email courtesy of HTC Yet again HTC are proving to be pushing ahead with ideas and tweaks to make Windows Mobile more attractive to prospective buyers. Within the HTC TyTN II press release is a mention of a new product called “HTCmail”. It’s a secure, managed and fully hosted email service based on Hosted Exchange and will provide real-time access for up to five personal or work email accounts. Your contacts and calendar appointments are also sync’d up for true mobile working.

Rolling out during September across France and the UK it’s compatible with all of the HTC devices. You get 2Gb of storage, 20Mb limit on email size, anti-virus, anti-spam, a 2 month trial, all information is backed up and you can also manage your account online. Florian Seiche, Vice President of HTC Europe, said of the service…

“With HTCmail, small to medium enterprises can benefit from anywhere access to information without the expense or ongoing commitment of on-premise software and IT skills.”

This, I’m afraid, is where HTC and Microsoft currently differ. HTC are making giant leaps to make the whole Windows Mobile experience better. The current user interface was a tad boring, so HTC changed it and added a new homescreen. Instant-email setup involved a Microsoft Exchange Server, an IT guy, feature packs, certificates and the worlds largest instruction manual, so HTC have made the whole process work more simply with HTCmail.

It’s this kind of thinking that we need. In my opinion HTC are pushing the Windows Mobile OS further forward than Microsoft currently are.

Link – HTC.com