DoCoMo Launch two innovative Windows Mobiles

DoCoMo Launch two innovative Windows Mobiles OK, remember that HTC Touch II (aka Nike) we mentioned several weeks ago ? Well, here it is in the flesh. As usual there’s several different names for the device. In this case Japanese operator DoCoMo are launching it as the HT1100. TouchFLO will be on board,as will YouTube content and support for DoCoMo’s World Wing roaming service. Again, imagine the current HTC Touch with a numeric keyboard.

Below is the Fujitsu-built FOMA F1100. This is aimed at business users and also has WiFi with emphasis on the VoIP technology within. Indeed, the large picture reveals a dedicated SIP icon for VoIP calls. There’s even fingerprint recognition for added security.

There’s more pictures from the launch at At present we’re looking at a Japan-only launch, however we’ll let you know if it appears here in Europe. I’m kinda wishing it was already available, but with the existing HTC Touch available all over the UK I doubt we’ll see it until at least next year.

Links – DoCoMO Press ReleaseFOMA F1100 PictureHT 1100 Picture