MobiBlogr 1.5.1 Includes free RSS reader and more!

MobiBlogr 1.5.1 Includes free RSS reader and more! We’ve been banging on about MobiBlogr for ages now. When we first saw it we we’re impressed with how easy it is was to set up a blogging website and post to it directly from your phone. Then it got better, with photo-blogging and GPS tagging being added in so you can see where you snapped that photo.

So we’ve got a mobile blogging system, which is free. There’s photo blogging with geo-tagging included, and that’s free too. You also get your own blog-site to show to people and, guess what? Yep, it’s still free! What could be better? Well, how about if MobiBlogr 1.5.1 included a really excellent RSS reader which was easy to use and configure? Well, I bet you’d have to pay then wouldn’t you? Well, no. Somehow, it’s still free and it’s here to download.

This software is simply spectacular. I’ve already put most of my RSS feeds into it and I can keep up-to-date with all the news, then blog about it straight away! Brilliant.

Link – MobiBlogr 1.5.1