Seller Mobile Pro – Add eBay items via your mobile

Seller Mobile Pro   Add eBay items via your mobile Moving house can be a pain at times, but it is a good way to de-clutter. We found stacks of items in the loft and garage which we didn’t really need. The solution ? Bang it all on eBay.

If you want a quick, easy and mobile way to sell your items, give Seller Mobile Pro a go. It’s free to download and the Windows Mobile version is the first to become available. Create a login, take a photo with your on-board camera and add a description – it’s as easy as that!

I’m always a little cautious of programs needing your eBay / PayPal details, especially as the company behind this software has roots in the mass spamming of inboxes worldwide, however a couple of you have already emailed in about this software so do let us know your opinions!

Link – Seller Mobile Pro
Credit – George Brink

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