£1.50 Free Credit for you to spend on Apps and Games!

£1.50 Free Credit for you to spend on Apps and Games! We’re always on the look out for great deals to keep our readers happy. Already we’re giving away a Samsung Blackjack (be quick by the way, there’s only a few days remaining!) and there’s money rolling in for everyone on the user panel, but we wanted more free stuff. After some intense discussion we’ve managed to get the guys in our apps and games shops to dish out £1.50 worth of credit to use in store.

Now, to put this into perspective let’s look at some of the games currently available. MotoGear, for example, sells for £2.44. Slot Car Racer sells for £2.44 and Atlantis Redux Episode 3 is just £3.43. Take £1.50 off any of those prices and, well, you’re not going to be spending a fat lot at all. A new game for as little as 94p ? Yeah, I think I’ll take that deal thanks. There’s probably 94p stuck down the back of my sofa!

So how do you take advantage of this deal? Well, first you need to be a CoolSmartPhone visitor… I guess you’ve already done that bit 🙂 The next step is to click on this very special link, because within it is the coupon code. Yes, it’s true, you’ll need to open an account in the shop – don’t be put off my this though, it’s just makes it easier to buy games / apps and it’ll allow us to plonk £1.50 into your account to get you started. Natually you’ll also need to “top-up” your electronic wallet, the minimum top-up is just $5 though, which is only around £2.50. That’s not bad at all.

We have worked hard to get this deal, however there’s only a set number of these codes, so it’s definitely a first come, first served basis. Personally I’m off to buy Resco Photo Viewer, it absolutely knocks the spots off the normal “Pictures and Videos” application in Windows Mobile 🙂

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