Pocket CM Keyboard v0.5 Now out – iPhone keyboard on WinMo!

Pocket CM Keyboard v0.5 Now out   iPhone keyboard on WinMo! First up, many thanks to everyone who sent in their thoughts on the HTC TyTN. These have all been forwarded on and we’ll keep you posted. You can still add your comments if you haven’t emailed or posted yet. Thanks also to everyone for their opinions on the whole iPhone thing too, because today I’ve stumbled across something at theUnwired.net that should help to make your Pocket PC (Windows Mobile 6) mimic some more of the iPhone functionality.

Now, I’m lucky enough to have a HTC Touch here. I love the extra functionality, TouchFLO technology and user interface improvements that HTC have added to this phone but there’s still a few of you who want a better on-screen keyboard experience. Wait though – it’s not just for HTC Touch owners either – there’s many of you who use Pocket PC’s without slide-out QWERTY keyboards wanting alternative ways of entering information.

PocketCM Keyboard has just been updated to version 0.5. The freeware application brings that iPhone-esque on-screen keyboard to Windows Mobile and lets you drag your finger over the letters until the correct one pops up. It’s probably best seen than explained, and that’s where this theUnwired video and YouTube video come in handy. The new updated version brings built-in copy/cut/paste (hold down enter key), double tap on the shift key for CAPS lock, a customizable symbol pad, customizable images for the keys, big fixes and extra keys.

To install, go to their website and click the “Download” link towards the bottom. You’ll get a CAB file which you need to copy across (with your device sync’d up on the cable) to your phone, then it’s just a matter of using File Explorer to install the CAB. Use the Settings->Personal->Input and switch the “Input Method” to “PCM Keyboard” or fiddle with the options.

Links – PocketCM KeyboardtheUnwired.netVideoPocketCM Keyboard (Main page)