Stolen in 60 seconds – new thieving game!

Stolen in 60 seconds   new thieving game! It’s an every day occurance – some guy walks up to you and says, “Hi, I’ve got a job for you. A little jeweler’s robbery”. Who can resist ? Certainly not me. $tolen In $ixty $econds does just this. Using a combination of strategy and puzzle challenges you must navigate your way around the criminal world.

The game features planning of the robbery, excellent sound and graphics plus some other stuff on the press release we couldn’t understand (a dozen thieves tools, an increasing complication of quests and about two dozen original operations?)

Try it out or buy it on the Pocket PC (Windows Mobile Pro) for £7.28 or Smartphone (Windows Mobile Standard) for £4.81.

Link – $tolen In $ixty $econds