iPhone networks revealed – will you be jumping ship?

iPhone networks revealed   will you be jumping ship? Although we’re true Windows Mobile fans, there’s no avoiding the iPhone hype. It’s coming to us here in Europe this Autumn and, finally, the networks carrying the device have been revealed. The Financial Times newspaper is now reporting that not one, but three networks will be selling the iPhone here in Europe. Here in the UK it’ll be o2, and you can actually place pre-orders already. In Germany, as predicted, it’s T-Mobile and in France it’s Orange. Don’t expect a cheap deal though – Apple are holding all the cards here and have told operators to hand over 10% of all revenue from the phones plus there’s a definite “no” on subsidising the device. This in effect means that there’ll be no “free iPhone” deals appearing, even on 18, 24 or 36 month plans.

We’re interested in your opinions on this phone. Do you intend to defect? Will you be trading in your Windows Mobile and switching? Tell us why you are or not changing.

Link – Financial Times