Calling all HTC TyTN owners!

Calling all HTC TyTN owners! Do you have one of these fantastic QWERTY-sliding devices ? Do you like it ? Well you should, because they’re great. Packed with Bluetooth, WiFi, 3G, dual cameras, Office Mobile and a “proper” keyboard it’s still one of my fave devices. But wait, we want to hear your opinions!

If you own one of these we’d like to know how the HTC TyTN has improved your communcation and contributed towards your home and work life. We’re ideally looking for feedback from “professionals” i.e. doctors, businessmen, media, IT etc etc. We want to know why you love your TyTN, why it’s with you and what you use it for. All we need is an email us or post a reply below with your name, occupation and just a couple of paragraphs to tell us why your like the TyTN.

We can’t say too much right now, but the information will be used for an upcoming project and, if your comments are used, there’ll be prizes in store!