Another reason I love doing this site – Let your phone fly!

Another reason I love doing this site   Let your phone fly! Sometimes I look around this site and think, “I love this. I really, really do”. It’s not an egotistical thing – I just love the community aspect and the interesting ideas and news that you guys find. We always try and “give back” with free money, chances for HTC TyTN owners to win stuff and then there’s our monster Blackjack giveaway too!

It’s hard work arranging and sorting this stuff out, but it’s worth it when I see posts like this in our forum. “Chenry” has entered our photo competition (and you can too – win yourself a free phone baby!) with several pictures taken on his Audiovox SMT 5600. His shots have been taken from high above ground, but there’s no plane or helicopter in sight – he’s instead used a bit of code and ……. some balloons.

After writing “a quick and dirty program to make it take a picture every 15 seconds”, he stuck the phone to a cardboard platform and then launched it using four helium balloons! The results, I must confess, are amazing. I love fun stuff like this. 🙂 Indeed, it looks like many are eager to try the same trick, with several of you asking for the code to automatically take photos ! 🙂 So, if you see someone in a local park or garden launching their phone into the sky, you’ll know why! 🙂 Oh, and don’t worry – the whole thing was tethered to the ground with a fishing wire. Make sure you do the same if you want to try this, otherwise you could find your phone floating off into the next village.

Oh, and don’t forget – we haven’t chosen the winning photo yet! You’ve got until the end of this month to get your funny, interesting, strange or cool photos in. The best will win this network-unlocked Samsung Blackjack !

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