i-mate – An update…

i mate   An update... Oh dear. More bad news from i-mate. According to distributor Clove Technology, the i-mate 5150, 7150 and 9150 will never appear. It turns the i-Mate Ultimate range into a choice of just two phones….

“We can now confirm, of the original 5 handhelds that were intended, only 2 will remain.”

“The Ultimate 6150 and 8150 are expected to arrive in October and will carry the same specification as planned, whilst the 5150, 7150 and 9150 have been dropped from production plans.”

i-mate previously sold rebranded HTC devices, however HTC now sell their own phones and i-mate struggled. Clove have composed a list of alternative handsets from other manufacturers.

Link – Clove Technology

Technology – Richard Yates

Edit – Hmm.. looks like the news has been removed from Clove and word is that the whole thing “is not true” according to “sources” from iMate. We contacted i-Mate before running this story and we still haven’t had a response.