o2 XDA Orbit gets Windows Mobile 6 treatment

o2 XDA Orbit gets Windows Mobile 6 treatment Got an XDA Orbit ? Yeah? Good aren’t they? Sat nav on-board and a diminutive size make this one of our favourite devices (we reviewed the T-Mobile version and loved it).

o2 have just released the spanky new Windows Mobile 6 update here. Yes, you heard right – a network operator is releasing an whole new OS Update for one of their phones. At present there may be a few problems with the serial number validation system on their site but we’re sure it’ll be fixed soon.

This is an entire software re-load so expect a fairly chunky download. Backup your data first and be ready to re-install your favourite sat-nav software following the update.

Link – o2 XDA Orbit Windows Mobile 6 Update

Credit – Paul Emery

Update – Hmmm – looks like o2 were “testing” the ROM roll out system and it’s not quite live yet. HTC have jumped in to state that the download link will work Wednesday August 1st. o2 then said that “the link has been removed”, but it hasn’t. Confused? Yup, us too. We think someone goofed. 🙂 Keep an eye on this one – check the forum link below for updates!