Lobster 700TV – It’s all over :(

Lobster 700TV   Its all over :( Remember our Virgin Lobster 700TV Review ? The phone didn’t impress us much, especially with the “throw a six to start” keyboard, but hey – you could watch TV on the move and Pamela Anderson was brought in to advertise it too. If you own one of these then prepare yourself, because it’s pretty much all about to get flushed. 🙁

Following poor sales of the Lobster 700TV and “a review of its wholesale solutions” by BT, the BT Movio system providing the TV channels to the Lobster 700TV will shut down. The only saving grace is that DAB radio will still work on the device. 🙁

In a way we’re sorry to see it go. Although the handset wasn’t the best looking device in the world it did do something new. Being able to watch TV on your phone whilst in the pub or out walking the dog was something we kinda liked, and it’s a shame that – just 10 months after launch – the device is pretty much being given the chop 🙁

Links – zdnet.co.ukstuff.tv

Credit – Johnny De’Silva