Bell Canada launch the HTC 6800

Bell Canada launch the HTC 6800 Bell Canada have just announced the availability of the HTC 6800. At last! A network that announces a phone and then makes it available to buy on the same day. Why doesn’t every network do this eh? A 36 month contract (woaha!) will set the price at $199.95 (Canadian).

For some reason it’s listed under the “UTStarcom” section but, if you’re stuck, imagine the HTC P4350 styling and specs and you’re pretty much there. The HTC 6800 has a 2 megapixel camera (with flash), sliding QWERTY keyboard, a huge 256Mb ROM with 64MB RAM, MicroSD slot, WiFi, Bluetooth 2.0 and it all runs on Windows Mobile 6 Pro with all the mobile Office goodness. Oh, and you get Windows Live Messenger too (yay for networks that don’t remove Messenger!)

Links – Bell Canada Press ReleaseBuy here