Jazz up your Windows Mobile with V2R ActiveUI

Jazz up your Windows Mobile with V2R ActiveUI Alright stop, let’s be honest for a minute. There’s a lot of things I’d still like to change about Windows Mobile. Screen switching still takes longer than it should and the standard home screen is as dull as can be. Following the launch of the iPhone there definitely needs to be a hefty injection of “swooshiness” into Windows Mobile for it to survive, but at the same time I’d hate to see it go all Vista-esque with phone manufacturers having to use graphics cards, bags of memory and 2Ghz CPU’s just to make it look good.

V2R Active UI proves that it’s easy to add “swooshiness” on all existing Windows Mobiles. We’ve got it running here in the animated preview, but there’s stacks of different animation styles, icon packs and extra applications to choose from… oh, and it’s completely free! The only question I’ve got is… why isn’t this included in all Windows Mobile phones?

V2R Active UI, their Photo Dialer and other such software is doing more to individualise Windows Mobile, but I’d still like to see the “standard” Microsoft interface updated in the next version of Windows Mobile.

Link – V2R Active UI