My Mobiler – Rather excellent free mobile control software

My Mobiler   Rather excellent free mobile control software I’ve neglected to mention a brilliant application called My Mobiler. It’s a little bit like the old ActiveSync Remote Display from years back although this is easier to install and comes with more functionality. Not only will it let you view your mobile screen on your PC but you can also control it too – making sending text messages a breeze. Plus there’s absolutely nothing to stop you – the software is completely free!

Download to your PC from this page and then run the EXE. It’ll install the program and, provided you’ve ActiveSync’d your device, let you see the screen straight away. You can also copy and paste text between the mobile and your computer, capture the mobile screen as a BMP or JPG and even “drag and drop” files to your mobile (now that’s cool) !

This is absolutely excellent software – even though it’s free there’s still a fantastic support site too. It works on every version of Windows Mobile and definitely goes onto our list of “essential software”. Indeed, this screenshot was snapped using the software just a few minutes ago. We’re impressed. Download this, download this right now.

Link – My Mobiler