Waiting for the Touch or Windows Mobile 6 upgrade? Us too!

Waiting for the Touch or Windows Mobile 6 upgrade? Us too! Being patient isn’t one of my strong points, but when we were told back in April that HTC devices would be getting upgrades to Windows Mobile 6 I thought it wouldn’t take too long. Palm, too, said in March that WM 6 would be coming to the 750v so I figured something would appear in a month or two. Unfortunately nothing has happened – no updates, no information and nearly four months later I’m still waiting.

You may also remember the HTC Touch launch. Although the handset is available to buy without a contract, there’s still many who are waiting for the promised launch on Orange and T-Mobile, especially after positive reviews.

With iPhone mania currently consuming the internet we desperately need promises to be delivered. So, what’s happening ? Can anyone let us know? What are your opinions?

Edit – We’ve had people “in the know” at Orange emailing in to say that the Touch is to be launched in August and, according to our sources, the HTC Kaiser is coming to Orange in a couple of months!

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