HTC Touch – Our updated review online now!

HTC Touch   Our updated review online now! We brought you the first ever review of the HTC Touch and now it’s even bigger. We’ve now added videos and updated screenshots, plus a full look at that TouchFLO system in action. We were lucky enough to get not one, but two of these devices – one in Wasabi Green! 🙂

What really strikes me about this device is the sheer speed that HTC are moving forward. The improved home screen, the input system, the integration and additional software to make it work – it’s all HTC stuff and it really lifts Windows Mobile to another level.

Check the review here and watch the videos showing the TouchFLO system in action. This is a slim handset which will perhaps be responsible for pushing Windows Mobile more into the personal consumer market than ever before.

Oh, and if you want to see the “juicy bits”, just read on for the videos!

Link – HTC Touch Review – Updated

The HTC Home…

The HTC Cube – Contacts and usage

Music, Photos and Videos..

SMS / Internet Explorer and the scrolling technology..