HTC P6300 Launched

HTC P6300 Launched Meet the HTC P6300. It’s the HTC-branded device you’ve probably seen in o2 shops as the XDA Argon and will suit classic Pocket PC fans who enjoy poking the larger screens with their fat fingers 😉 “Classic” is the operative word on this one, especially when powered by Windows Mobile 5 for Pocket PC, however it’s got WiFi 802.11b/g and quadband connectivity built in. Powered by a nippy 400Mhz Samsung CPU you also get Bluetooth, an SD slot (for those incredibly cheap SD cards), 2 megapixel camera and a miniUSB connector.

The HTC P6300 was also known previously as the Panda. It’s available now network-free for £375.02, but remember that you won’t be locked into a contract for that.

Link – HTC P6300