Orange give away bikes as part of Tour de France

Orange give away bikes as part of Tour de France If you read my blog then you’ll probably already be aware that I’m a huge fan of the lovely Gemma Atkinson. Now, surprisingly, I actually have a reason for posting a story about her in the front page. Yes, it may be a fairly tenuous reason, but it’s a reason nonetheless.

On July 4th Gemma will be giving away 500 Orange branded bikes and helmets worth £200 each in Covent Garden, London. Gemma will begin handing out the equipment at 9AM ….wearing…..a skintight lycra jumpsuit…. (sweet lord!) She’ll then be on hand to ensure that London becomes a healthy city as part of Tour de France – so get down there early for your ride. Personally I can’t write any more because there’s far too many double entendre’s to stumble into (kick stand, polished helmet, saddling up etc), but I’ll be there about 3AM with my camera… ;)

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