The iPhone cometh – a threat to Windows Mobile?

The iPhone cometh   a threat to Windows Mobile? I heard it on the radio this morning, it was featured in the paper I read at lunchtime and the internet is absolutely buzzing about it.

What am I talking about?

The iPhone. It may seem strange that we’re talking about it too, but I’ve got to admit that there’s a tremendous amount of interest in this phone and, despite what we may think, there’s going to be many, many, many people buying it. The hype currently surrounding it, and the sheer amount of stories I’ve seen purely because “launch plans” have been announced, is shocking.

What are your opinions on the iPhone? I’m also posting this because just a week ago I was extremely critical of another Apple product – Safari – however it’s since gone through two updates and 3.0.2 seems quicker and more stable than any other web browser I’ve ever seen.

Update – Oh dear, oh dear. There’s a rather interesting article at engadget with some facts on the iPhone based on the first reviews. So far there’s apparently a her-uuuge 700Mb OS, no copy and paste function, no A2DP support, Office document reading but no editing, no MMS, no voice dialing and no video recording facility. Oh, and you can’t use any music as a ringtone – not even plain MP3’s!