Orange SPV E650 – Reviewed !

Orange SPV E650   Reviewed ! It’s another biggy and finally it’s here. Our Orange SPV E650 review is now online. It’s the usual big helping of pictures, close-ups, screenshots, videos and much, much more.

We’ve now been lucky enough to review both this and the HTC S710 version, so which one would we go for? Well, if we’re honest it’d definitely have to be the HTC S710. Why? Well, the E650 has that bug we mentioned and the Windows Messenger application has been removed too.

However, we still think that the E650 is a damned cool handset and well worth your hard earned cash if you’re looking for an upgrade or a new Orange handset, so have a read of our review and decide for yourself.

Link – CoolSmartphone Orange SPV E650 Review