SlingPlayer goes WM6 compatible

SlingPlayer goes WM6 compatible Well, we’ve seen several “unofficial” fixes, but now it’s here – SlingPlayer™ Mobile, compatible with Windows Mobile 6. You can grab it here at There’s also a new remote control skin with refreshed look and feel, along with additional A/V devices, a localised UK client using “proper” English and channel logos plus they’ve added an enhanced automatic installer with extra support for Windows Vista.

If you’re sitting there asking “What is SlingPlayer?”, it’s well worth reading our detailed review. We loved it! Put simply it’ll let you watch your home TV and control all the associated equipment from anywhere on the internet. I managed to watch Top Gear whilst sat by the pool on holiday thanks to the Windows Mobile software, which gives you complete control over any SlingBox and all the equipment you’ve programmed.

Get the full press release below.

Links – SlingPlayer MobileDownloads

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