Skweezer 4.0 Announced – T-Shirts to be won!

Skweezer 4.0 Announced   T Shirts to be won! New Windows Mobile phones now have Google or Windows Live as the homepage in Internet Explorer. The pages returned are then mobile-formatted to make your life easier. Greenlight Wireless, however, have raised the bar somewhat with Skweezer 4.0. It makes mobile Internet access faster and easier than ever and has already won several awards.

The user interface has been redesigned and you’ll soon be pressing less keys and using the new search system for more relevant searches from top-tier search engines. Information is delivered quickly and uses less of those precious data minutes than browsing normally. Even those slower GPRS connections aren’t a problem thanks to the low data overhead and dynamically resized images (which can be turned off completely if you wish). You can also use Skweezer 4.0 to find results within a page – something you can’t normally do in Internet Explorer.

There’s stacks of other features including improved device-recognition technology, auto-detection of mobile-friendly sites so they won’t be reformatted and better handling of frames, iframes, forms, scripts and other potentially troublesome elements. To try it out just browse to on your device – there’s even a mobile RSS reader to try out too.

To celebrate the launch, Greenlight Wireless have given us two of these t-shirts to give away. All you have to do to win (and we’ve got M, L, XL, and XXL sizes) is post something in the forum ! Oh, and we we mean useful posts – not “Hey, yeah man” 🙂 We’ll pick the two winners at random at the end of this week

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