Orange SPV E650 De-branding software

Orange SPV E650 De branding software Recently we’ve had more than a few problems getting review devices from Orange. This is the main reason why we’re still unable to get you a review of the Orange SPV E600, or E650, or Samsung i600. Paul, over at MoDaCo, is having similar problems and states…

“I only got a E650 last Friday. Despite repeated assurances from Orange that they were doing their best to get me a handset (and an Orange Samsung i600 for that matter), nothing has materialised. It seems that unless you’re writing for a broadsheet and can get something in print, you’re low down the pecking order.”

We’re confused too, because it’s proving more difficult than it should be. Paul went and purchased an E650 so that he could help the Orange SPV community with this de-brand and fix pack. It changes the rather hideous and non-removable Orange customisation (home screen, colour scheme etc) – you can see the difference in the “before and after” shot here. Secondly it rectifies an installation problem which causes the device to hang.

Link – De-Brand and Fix Pack