Orange SPV range to be discontinued?

Orange SPV range to be discontinued? The Orange SPV brand, as we’ve expected for a while, is to be dropped. No longer will HTC devices simply be rebranded as Orange SPV’s – the manufacturer has now grown its’ own base in Europe and is seeking a slot next to the big players like Nokia, Motorola and Samsung.

The demise of the SPV range is a little sad for me. Back in November 2002 I went to the Orange store in Birmingham and swapped my Nokia 6210 for the first ever Orange SPV (now known as the “SPV Classic”). It ran Smartphone 2002 and it had some “quirks” that I found fixes for. These and other tips, news and information went onto a single page on our family website. After a while people started to email in and the site grew.. the rest is history.

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Update – There’s now conflicting information about this news item, plus we’re hearing about new SPV devices too!