Hang on! Could there be new Orange SPV’s after all?

Hang on! Could there be new Orange SPVs after all? Remember way back in 2003 when we thought the SPV E200 was called the Orange SPV C200? Well, that was all a magazine mis-print, however we’ve just stumbled across this Digitimes article about Orange and HTC which states that an SPV C200 will be coming soon, and it isn’t going to be made by HTC.

For a start, this conflicts with the information from MoDaCo and other sites about the demise of the “SPV” range on Orange. Yves Maitre, VP of devices at Orange, is mentioned in the article which states, “Orange will also start marketing handsets under the HTC-brand in addition to its own SPV-brand”.

Secondly, Digitimes reckon that, although HTC will continue to be the primary supplier of handsets for Orange, more companies will be added to the supplier list and will be branded as SPVs! Quote, “Orange (have) begun taking delivery of its SPV C200 handsets, manufactured by China-based Amoi Electronics, according to market sources.”

Update – There’s been rumours for a while that the C200 mentioned above is the E72, although there’s Amoi products to choose from too.

Link – Digitimes.com