Orange! Where’s the promised anytime browsing?!

Orange! Wheres the promised anytime browsing?! OK, I’ll admit it. I’m a bit lost. After going through several pages of tariffs I’m still unable to find the new Orange flat rate plans that are to launch this month. We’ve been promised “anytime browsing” by their press release but it just doesn’t seem to exist in any real sense.

Update – We’ve already had a few mails from people asking about these new tariffs and now it’s becoming increasingly clear that there just doesn’t seem to be any real anytime packages. Indeed, we’ve been contacted by people working at Orange to say that the new bundles are still restricted – and they’re heavily restricted too. Advertised as “flat rate, anytime” they have a stupidly low “cap” on data. The new £8 bundle, for example, is limited to a mere 30mb! Just what’s going on?! This pales in comparison to offerings from T-Mobile, who cap at 1Gb for just £7.50! Is the £8 per month for “anytime browsing” capped at 30Mb really “it”?

This news has angered me greatly and I’ve made my feelings clear in this post. This just isn’t good enough.

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