Hot new Smartphone games

Hot new Smartphone games If you’ve got a Smartphone (Orange SPV E650 / O2 Xda Graphite) and you’re after some new games then we’ve got some hot suggestions. We’ve just been sent these and, although they’re fantastic, we think that the software designers have been away from natural light for a bit too long. Have a read of the descriptions below and you’ll see what we’re on about. 🙂

First up is Super Drop Mania – an addictive yet deceptively simple puzzle game with shapes and colours to solve. To follow we’ve got Rod-Land, where you must help the fairy village return to normal and rescue Tam and Rits’ mom! She is now a prisoner at the top of the Maboots Tower waiting to be rescued….. (seriously, who comes up with these names!?) You have to wear your rainbow shoes and arm yourself with the Rods of Sheesanomo (eh?!) and whack anything that moves!

Finally we’ve got SiL, shown here. It’s a beautifully simple arcade puzzle game where you must rotate and match silhouettes quickly for a high score. You can also grab combos and trophies plus there’s different game modes, beautiful graphics and cheery music. All the games go for $9.99 a pop, which (thanks to the fantastic exchange rate) is just £5.05 each.

Links – Super Drop ManiaRod-LandSiL