Make a difference – submit your questions !

Make a difference   submit your questions ! I’m getting some pretty interesting emails at the moment and they’re all going to help shape the future of Windows Mobile. The best bit is that you guys get to point the way. Today an email came in today from a Vodafone service provider. They will be having a meeting with Nick Read, the CEO of Vodafone UK, soon and there’ll be a Q&A session. The company, who we can’t name right now, have been asked to submit questions for him and they’d like you guys to submit ideas.

Not all the questions will make it but the best will. This is a great chance to ask useful questions to the man at the top in Vodafone. It may be about the new data pricing structure, or Voda’s position on VOIP etc etc.

The easiest way to put your ideas forward is to reply to this post. Get typing now and we’ll choose the five or six of the best to send off!