Record a phone call on Windows Mobile? There is a way!

Record a phone call on Windows Mobile? There is a way! I’ve just been reading this article at It concerns a re-occurring question amongst Windows Mobile users ….. “Why can’t I record phone calls?”

The article covers the major points and the reasons why a call-recorder isn’t included in Windows Mobile. However, I’ll let you in on a little secret. There is a way to record phone calls, and you don’t need any additional software. Interested? Read on!
Now, this is a little unorthodox but it works.

1- First up, get your camera ready. Set it to “video” but don’t press record just yet.

2- Call the person you want to record.

3- Next, press and hold the green “call” button to put them on speakerphone.

4- Now press record on the video camera.

Once you’re done, just stop the video camera and then the call, or end the call and then stop the camera.

Ahhhh now! Before you all hit me with the obvious – yes it’s not strictly an audio recording (it’s a video instead) but you’ll get a very good recording of the phone conversation. Here’s one I’ve just recorded as an example, or try this AVI version if you don’t have QuickTime.