Emoze Competition – win up to $3000 !

Emoze Competition   win up to $3000 ! Following the recent announcements about flat rate data plans there’ll no doubt be more of you wanting to set up instant email. Emoze have been busy promoting their service of late and they’re sponsoring the worlds first “Extreme Push Email Challenge”. Now, this is where things get interesting. We’re always interesting in getting stuff for free – especially when it’s for our readers. Just last week we mentioned the money you can make with M:Metrics, however this is a bit different.

Emoze are offering a top prize of $3000 for the most original and creative push email advert. They want you to show the most extreme way to push your emails using Emoze on your phone! All you need to do is upload your video to this YouTube group and you could be in with a chance. The first prize is $3000, with the second prize being $1,500 and $500 for the third prize. There’s more details here under “more”.

Link – EmozeEmoze YouTube Group