Consilient – Another push-email provider enters the arena

Consilient   Another push email provider enters the arena Another day and another free push email provider pops up. Consilient offer the “pushing” of your email – whether it be standard POP3, Yahoo!, Hotmail, GMail or AOL mail.

You start off here by entering your phone number and your email address, then you’re given a text message pointing to the download which sets up your phone. There’s a choice of handsets here and I couldn’t find my Orange SPV M3100 so I chose the Dopod 818 Pro which worked fine. The site then takes you to a screen where you enter your email settings (normally POP3 and port 110 by the way) and then things go a bit sideways…

The next screen says, “Please enter your name, DOB, Gender, and five categories of personal interest”. You have to choose five else it’ll barf on your screen. Their explanation for this states.. “Don’t worry, we’re not going to spam your email and we’re not going to share your personal information with third parties! This information will be used to target advertisements in a future version of Consilient Push. Ads will be embedded within the application, and not delivered to your inbox.”

The software is therefore ad-supported and it’s unclear whether these will pop up on your phone when you’re doing other activities, but you can get an ad-free experience for $5 per month should you wish.

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Credit – William Hunt