Vodafone v1640 and v1605 – Reviews on the way

Vodafone v1640 and v1605   Reviews on the way Meet the Vodafone v1605 and the Vodafone v1640. You’ve probably seen similar handsets already from Orange (SPV M3100 and M5000, T-Mobile (MDA Vario II) and o2 (XDA Exec), however we’ve got both phones out of the box ready for review.

The v1640 comes with an integrated 1.3 megapixel camera, WiFi, rotating 65k colour TFT touch-screen display, 3G and video calling. The v1605 also has WiFi, 3G and video-calling but is more compact and comes with a slide-out keyboard. Our full reviews, complete with video, close-up pictures, screenshots and example pictures from the devices will be online soon.

Many thanks to Vodafone for lending us these devices so that we can continue to inform and support our readers.

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