SmartToolkit – Enhance your Smartphone

SmartToolkit   Enhance your Smartphone A few years ago, when this site was just a toddler, we always promoted free software for Windows Mobile. We still do, however there’s either less of it about or we’re not being told about it. SmartToolkit is an excellent bit of free software that adds Smartphone interface improvements such as a clock plugin, fades plus new text editing functions.

This software is probably best seen than explained, and you can see a shot of it running here on the right. The very latest version resolves limitations with resources and adds yet more interface improvements. This is still in the prerelease stage, so you’ll need to copy the EXE file over to your Smartphone and link to it yourself – we’ve got instructions on how to do that here (headed “Other install methods”). If you’re a Smartphone / Windows Mobile Standard owner (which is any device without a touch screen) you can find more free software at

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