Convert your YouTube vids for Windows Mobile

Convert your YouTube vids for Windows Mobile Remember us mentioning TinyTube ? We covered it last year – it was a neat way to view / convert YouTube videos so that you can watch on your Windows Mobile phone. Many of you will already know that browsing to YouTube and trying to view a video on your Pocket Internet Explorer just doesn’t work. Unfortunately Google / YouTube decided to stop them from doing this, although will still let you convert / view videos from other sites.

Last night I was trying to find a quick way to watch the mini motorbike video on my phone. A quick Google revealed a service called VidConvert. All you do is paste in the YouTube URL (which can be done on your PC or phone), click “Convert” and it’ll create an AVI file to play on your phone. Unfortunately Windows Media Player doesn’t seem to like the converted file, so you’ll need to grab PocketTV (get the “classic” version if you want, it’s free) and use that instead.

Links – VidConvert (