Blog direct from your mobile –

Blog direct from your mobile Imagine you’re on the toilet and there’s something you just need to tell the world. How do you do it? Well, thanks to free (yes, free – completely free) software from mobiblogr you can now set yourself up a blog and post to it directly from your Windows Mobile handset. Aiming at the increasing range of Pocket PC (Windows Mobile Pro) handsets and those with QWERTY keyboards, this is a fantastic start to what promises to be a stunning program.

Verion 1.1 is now out and will let you setup your own blog page (here’s the one I’ve just setup) and start posting and editing it straight away. Future versions of the software promises to bring direct photo uploading into your blog from the handset, GPS tracking, geo-tagging of your photos and more.

We’ll definitely be keeping an eye on this one. I like it so much that I’m going to use my page for quick blog posts and I’ll link to it from my normal blog.

Link – mobiblogr.comMy mobile blog