More cool themes for your Smartphone

More cool themes for your Smartphone We originally named this site “CoolSmartphone” because we wanted to do everything possible to make your Windows Mobile device even “cooler” than it already is. We’ve always hunted down people who design themes and backgrounds and feature them in the “Sex up your phone” section on the left side of the site. One that caught my eye today is called He’s got some lovely QVGA (240×320), QVGA Widescreen (320×240) and regular non-QVGA (176×220) themes for you to install plus there’s a full install guide and plugins too.

These are Smartphone themes, so if you’ve got a non-touchscreen device head on over and grab yourself a cool theme. Don’t forget to let us know if you design skins or themes and we’ll include your site here!

Link –
Credit – Eden Dwek