Getting your handset repaired – But where?

Getting your handset repaired   But where? One reoccurring question in our forums is “Where can I get my handset repaired?” If your network or insurance package doesn’t cover it or they don’t believe the fact that “The screen just broke by itself, it had nothing to do with me leaving it on the roof of the car”, then you’ll need to locate a company to repair it for you. But who?

We’ve recently heard of a company called Turn on your Mobile who specialise in fixing HTC-built devices (XDA / MDA / QTek / SPV etc). They’ve got a walk-in repairs centre or postal service and they claim to have an average 24-48 hour turnaround and even have parts available should you wish to repair the device yourself.

Let us know if you’ve tried Turn on your Mobile or let us know if you’ve used another company to repair your handset recently.

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