It’s your Coolsmartphone

Its your Coolsmartphone You’re probably all looking forward to a long Easter weekend, so I’ll make this quick. Coolsmartphone relies on various things – mostly it’s beer, review units (come on T-Mobile and o2!) and huge wads of money to pay for the server. However, you guys are the heart of this site and it’s here that we need your help.

Firstly – news stories. If you’ve heard something that we haven’t covered here, let us know. You can be anonymous if you like, it’s no problem. Press releases, accessories, phones, software or product updates – whatever it may be, email us direct or use our form. Secondly, if you have a cool “WAV” or “MP3” that would sound great as a ringtone or message sound, let us know! You can submit these, plus backdrops, software, manuals or themes by going to the appropriate folder in our downloads section and clicking this new “easy to find” red upload button. If you’re stuck, just email stuff or attach your fave sounds, pictures or backdrops in our forum to any post. It’s so easy to go “here’s my ringtone” and attach it to your message.

So, if you’re not outside enjoying the sun this Easter weekend (or at the pub), please feel free to submit something to us.