Get 25% off VITO Remote and PT Pocket Office

Get 25% off VITO Remote and PT Pocket Office Our partners in the Coolsmartphone games and apps shops have sent us two great deals. VITO Remote for Smartphones, shown here, is now available for just $11.96 / £6.04. That’s 25% off the normal price. It’ll let you use your Smartphone as an all-in one IR remote console to operate TV, VCR, DVD and more. Give it a try or get more details here.

PT Pocket Office is also available, again with 25% off, for just $24 / £12.13. This will let you remotely control your own PC from your Smartphone or Pocket PC over a Bluetooth or WiFi connection – ideal for grabbing that all-important file or running an application on your PC from anywhere in the world!

Hurry though, because both of these offers end on Monday!

Links – VITO Remote for SmartphonesPT Pocket Office