Reviewed – Skins disposable phone protectors

Reviewed   Skins disposable phone protectors Well, I’ll confess that we’ve had some weird stuff sent to us to review but these almost take the biscuit. “Skins” are disposable covers that look a lot like …err… condoms. 🙂 I’m pretty sure that the manufacturers are aware of this though, especially considering the advertising for this product which, as you can see, is fairly “up front”. 🙂

The Mobile Skins are designed to protect your phone against water, dirt, mud, paint, sweat, blood, snow and more. Now, I thought of doing a video review testing this in the shower, but I figured it might crash the server (is that laughing I can hear?) Instead we decided to slap a Skin onto a very expensive Windows Mobile handset and… errr… chuck it in a big bowl of water! Wehay! Now that’s how to review stuff 😉

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