Deepfish – Put through it’s paces

Deepfish   Put through its paces A heck of a lot of people have been mentioning Deepfish – the new lightweight internet browser. Unfortunately you can’t grab this as the maximum amount of downloads has been exceeded already. There’s a good Flash animation showing it in action, however we’ve managed to get hold of this preview software to show it in action.

Although Javascript, ActiveX and cookies aren’t supported you do get a familiar PC-style browsing experience and server-side rendering to deliver a faster, bandwidth optimized browsing experience.

We’ve taken a deeper look into Deepfish and tested out some of the new zooming, panning and “cue map” functions below. These extras help to bring a more life-like feel to your mobile internet browsing. Read on to see this new browser in action.

Link – Microsoft Live Labs – Deepfish

Credit – Bill Lauber

Ok, so here we are with the standard view of our site. Note that the adverts don’t appear because they use Javascript and other bits.

Deepfish   Put through its paces

When I press down the action button I get a transparent square which I can use to choose a certain area of the site or page. In this case I’m going to choose our top story which, at the time of writing, is about an o2 handset.

Deepfish   Put through its paces

Now you get quite a cool “zoom” experience which flies you towards the page..

Deepfish   Put through its paces Deepfish   Put through its paces

I can then activate the “cue map” which gives a small but helpful representation of the entire page. Those little dots you see are the images for each story. You can see that I’ve also now moved my preview view down (by dragging the page) and I’m at the middle of the website.

Deepfish   Put through its paces

Overall, this is pretty sweet. It could do with a touch more work however I’m pretty pleased with the results so far.