ZenZui – New mobile pan and scan browser

ZenZui   New mobile pan and scan browser Hold up there Apple! No, don’t worry – it’s not another “iPhone like theme” for Windows Mobile. This is ZenZui. It’s a zooming tile-based interface which lets you pan and zoom your way around web and user content. You simply move your way around using the phone navigation pad and select the tile you want. Once selected you’ll get a small interface into that particular site content.

Based on money and an idea from Microsoft it’ll no doubt be marketed towards online shops and traders with fees for placement. Whilst the whole thing looks lovely and is an excellent way to maximise screen space we’re worried it may just turn into a gigantic cash-cow. Oh, and no – you can’t download it as yet but there is a nice YouTube video of it in action below.

Link – ZenZui.com

Credit – Bill Lauber