Bye bye o2 XDA Zinc. Hello XDA Trion

Bye bye o2 XDA Zinc. Hello XDA Trion Earlier this week we started getting a bad feeling in our waters about the o2 XDA Zinc. We first saw the Zinc pop up on the o2 website in November last year but then the release date slipped and then it vanished from the “Coming Soon” section of the o2 UK site entirely. You guys told us what o2 customer services had said, and the upshot is that the o2 XDA Zinc is no more. It’s gone, history. According to rumours it failed to pass network tests (just like the SPV C700) and it’ll not be launched here in the UK.

Wait up though, because there is some good news. We’re already seeing blog and forum posts stating that this device – the o2 XDA Trion – will take it’s place and should be out sometime in April. Huzzar!

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