Our Orange SPV M700 Review

Our Orange SPV M700 Review We’ve been having a look around the web of late trying to find a review of the Orange SPV M700. We couldn’t find one. Well, not anything we would call a “review”. So, to correct that we’ve published our full appraisal of this device – including, as usual, pictures, videos, comparisons and screenshots.

My thoughts? Well, I actually got quite a few admiring glances whilst walking around town with this device. My ego would like to put it down to my athletic physique and good looks, however if I’m honest the M700 was the cause. I sat in a cafe and many people, particularly women, were taking more than a second look at it. It seems that the M700 may have indeed broken down the “geeky” label that’s invariably attached to Pocket PC-style devices. The camera, too, seems to work better with low-light shots turning out better and colours appearing brighter.

I’ll confess to not yet trying out the 3G video calling (a lack of 3G signal has given me a few issues with this), however the review is now online here. As you’ve come to expect from us here at CoolSmartPhone, this is a massive article and I’ve even had to miss the pub a couple of times to get it done! Sheesh, the things I do for you guys 😉 Enjoy!

Link – Orange SPV M700 Review