T-Mobile Ameo lands on UK website

T Mobile Ameo lands on UK website The T-Mobile website has just been updated with the T-Mobile Ameo. Ranging from £119.99 all the way up to a whopping £429.99 it’s probably the largest and most equipped device that T-Mobile sell.

Expect a 3 megapixel camera, that detachable keyboard, 3G, Bluetooth, VGA output and loads more (click here for the product specs). T-Mobile state…

“This fantastic, fully integrated communications tool has a detachable keyboard and large 5” screen that makes working on the move easy. You can surf the internet at mobile broadband speeds and, with our Instant Email service, have emails pushed to the Ameo. Choose a web ‘n’ walk Plus or Max price plan to make the most of its video calling and streaming features. You can connect to a printer or a projector with its active USB and VGA ports and use its Windows Mobile 5 software to create and edit documents on the go. Plus its massive 8GB hard drive means you can download, save and carry all the information you need.”

Link – T-Mobile.co.uk
Credit – Ronnie Whelan