Adaptex – Become a messaging wizard!

Adaptex   Become a messaging wizard! Texting. For some it’s easy – their fingers are like a blur on the keypad and they’ll compose a message in seconds. Sure, it may only say “U wanna do the pub 2nite m8?”, but somehow these gifted people can type the message easily – even whilst driving a police car (only joking). The less gifted may actually give up and have to call someone instead… nightmare! 😉

AdapTex is here to help. It’ll turn you into a text or email wizard in no time, making data entry simple and easy. The software accurately suggests words and phrases, allowing entry with a touch of the Joystick, so you can save keystrokes, and save time. There is a minor issue with it at the moment – it won’t install on Orange phones unless you unlock your phone, however they are working on this. There’s an intuitive suggestion system which doesn’t need training, plus text prediction, file scanning to store your vocabulary with context information (to add friends names or specialist words), multilingual options and much more.

AdapTex is available for normal 12-key Smartphone (Windows Mobile Standard) and Motorola Q phones for $14.95 (£7.49). You can also grab the Pocket PC version (Windows Mobile Pro) for $19.95 (£9.99). Check out the live demo or see read on for the full press release and more photos.

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Adaptex   Become a messaging wizard!

NEWS RELEASE: 12th March 2007


KeyPoint Technologies (UK) Ltd (KPT), announces the launch of AdapTex, a revolutionary interface software for Windows Mobile Smartphone devices. This intelligent language software enhances user experience by naturally predicting and learning the user’s day-to-day language uses.

Interacting with converged devices is made easier with AdapTex. It improves the overall experience of push email, text messaging, and mobile blogging applications by streamlining the process of entering words and phrases across almost all input methods. Already available on Windows Mobile 5/2003 for Pocket PC platforms, AdapTex transforms the speed, accuracy and usability of data entry on handheld devices.

Adaptex   Become a messaging wizard!

AdapTex for Windows Mobile 5.0 Smartphone works with the Motorola Q and 12-keypad phones, such as the i-mate SP5. Other releases to support the latest QWERTY smartphones will be available in April 2007. AdapTex for Smartphone also has a new ‘follow the cursor mode’, which means that the word and phrase suggestions are always in line with the user’s view. This unobtrusive mode makes it even more natural and simple to adopt the words and phrases suggested by AdapTex.

AdapTex is ‘context aware’ software, meaning that it constantly learns, predicts and follows the user’s own use of language. Predictive accuracy is very high and the software rapidly evolves to suit the profile of every individual user (rather than being a generic ‘one size fits all’ application). AdapTex is context aware, which means complete sentences can be entered with only a few actions.

Based on new AdapTive Intelligence™ technology, AdapTex users can access a variety of unique features.

• Words and phrases are predicted with context in advance.

• AdapTex can scan or “learn” from the user’s files to create instant vocabulary with context.

• Documents, emails and other message types can be converted into SMS text style language because AdapTex understands abbreviations and acronyms.

Smartphones and PDAs are designed to allow users to compose and edit documents on the go, creating a valuable mobile office experience. AdapTex transforms this data entry from a time consuming chore into a highly efficient and effective activity, allowing users to get more from their devices. KeyPoint Technologies believes that their product range will quickly become established as the de facto standard for user interactive predictive language solutions.

Adaptex   Become a messaging wizard!

“AdapTex has the potential to transform the smartphone experience, and in turn change the market for these devices by bringing in a wide range of new customers with a need for high volume email, texting, mobile blogging and authoring,” said Sanjay Patel, CEO of KeyPoint Technologies.

AdapTex contextual prediction software is also available in English (US), English (UK), German, Italian, and Spanish. French and Chinese versions (both modern and traditional) are due for release later this year. AdapTex products are available for purchase from